Savage Urges – Suzanne Wright

Publisher: Montlake Romance

Published: May 2016

ISBN: 9781503935440

My review

Savages Urges is the fifth book of the serie The Phoenix Pack. And although you don’t need to read the other books, it will probably give you a more broad perspective on the characters. Nonetheless the story is a delightful read. Makenna is a very loyal and also very superstitious woman, with a protective streak towards Zac. Zac is a loner, just like herself and she is committed to see that he gets adopted by the pack of Ryan Conner. And of course, it does make the task for Makenna more interesting, when she finds out she is attracted to the brooding enforcerer of the Phoenix Pack. 

But since there is no mating bond, Makenna is certain that she and Ryan aren’t meant to be more than just lovers. And although that is a shame, she decides to appreciate Ryan as a “Mr. Right Now” instead of a “Mr. Right”. Well, no comments here, I think I would have done the same thing…

When Remy comes along, who tries to make Makenna’s boss Dawn a living hell by intimidating people to force the shelter into his ‘very generous protection’. Of course, Makenna with her quick wits and humorous conversations keeps Remy at bay. But Remy isn’t one Alpha to mess with and the story starts to turn ugly. Fortunately Ryan is convinced Makenna is The One for him and his wolf certainly doesn’t want Remy near Makenna. So all civilization aside, and let the wolfs run free!

Suzanne Wright has written an intriguing story, with enough plot twists to keep you reading. The whole issue with the mating bond was a bit unclear to me, so that part was a bit confusing and illogical to me. But otherwise a fun read.
Four stars for Savage Urges and a thank you to Montlake Romance and Netgalley for this ARC.

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