Hero Forgotten – SaraLynn Hoyt

Publisher: Romance Beckons

Published:  April 2016

ISBN: 9780985329266

Abigail Blakemore is a descendant of talented female mediums and is one of the best in her own right. Law enforcement from all over the Seattle area seek her out to help with their toughest cases. But hiding at home and conducting most of her business via the internet is no way to meet men. But a new ghost who has entered her life is about to change all that.

Kent Caruso, ex-Special Forces, now a highly skilled hacker at a Seattle dotcom, can’t forgive himself for his wife’s accidental death while he was deployed in Afghanistan nearly two years ago. Interested in the supernatural for years, he finds himself wandering into a little occult shop on Valentine’s Day and smack into the sexiest palm reader in Seattle.

The first book in the Oasis Group series starts with a fast, hot romance between Abby and Kent that has a little help from cousin Marty and one of his not quite perfect elixirs. What will the side effects be and will Kent and Abby’s love be strong enough to prevail over the powerful Blakemore legacy?
Only cousin Jake Blakemore, CEO of the Blakemore Oasis Group—a prestigious private security firm of highly skilled operatives—knows how deep those male dominated Blakemore secrets go and he won’t share much of his knowledge with Abby. But he assures his cousin that if hers and Kent’s feelings are true than in the end, nothing can stand in the way of their happiness.
My review

You can definitely say a fast and hot romance, this Hero Forgotten. The book starts with the sentence: “Wakey. Wakey… How dare she intrude on this private and spectacularly lucid moment of the perfect man and equally perfect sex!”
Okaaay… I nearly closed my e-reader. Although I’m not opposed to fast and hot romance, a burning lava meltdown on page one is maybe a little bit too much. Fortunately, I kept on reading (I know, I’m a reading junkie), and it turned out I wasn’t falling headfirst into a love scene. It turned out Abby was only dreaming and she was roughly awakened by a female ghost who really wants her attention.
The ghost wants her to meet Kent, her former husband to tell him something. And since Abby is a medium, she found her useful in her quest. The conversations in the book are funny: “I sure as heck hope you’re him. I better not have gotten up this early for nothing. Are you Kevin, Keith, Kenny? Kent, I’m Kent, but how did you know that? Have a seat Kent. Dari wants to talk to you and she’s been a complete pest about it, so I can’t leave you, until she’s had her say.”
Of course Kent is a bit weary of Madame Abigail and her story of his late wife Darlene. “So Darlene? Not Dari… geez, I never get the names right.” But Abby knows stuff, nobody else could know. So is she legitimate? And what has potion number nine to do with all of it? Well, if cousin Marty is correct, it explains the hot and steamy on page 37 already! So besides the new ghosts who are tormenting Abby in the pages to come, the rest of the story is a bit flimsy and mostly around aroused bodyparts and the exchange of fluids. So, a fine read for late in the evening, but definitely not something for during your lunchbreak. The ghostly story is the most entertaining in the second part of the book, so just keep on reading. Three out of Five stars for SaraLynn Hoyt and a thank you to Netgalley for this ARC.


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