To love a wolf – Paige Tyler


SWAT officer Landry Cooper is certain Everly Danu is The One. The problem is, she has no idea what Cooper really is. And as much as he wants to trust her, he’s not sure he can share his deepest secret…
When Everly’s family discovers Cooper’s a werewolf, her brothers will do anything to keep them apart-they’ll kill him if they have to. Everly is falling hard for the ridiculously handsome SWAT officer, and she’s not about to let her brothers tell her who she can love… Until Cooper’s secret is exposed and she discovers the man she thought she knew is a monster in disguise.

My review
To love a wolf is the fourth book in the SWAT series of Paige Tyler. You can read this as a stand alone book, but you need to do some catching up at some characters sometimes. Furthermore, you miss out on how the SWAT team with all it’s hunky werewolves got together. But no worries; you can always read the other parts of the series later. 
This story starts with a bang and you can read how EOD specialist Landry Cooper gets blown to bits by a bom. So much for easing into a story. Then, the second chapter, officer Cooper stumbles into a bank robbery, just as he met Everly in the waiting line at the bank. Definitely enough action in this book, and fortunately also a lot of attraction between Everly and Landry. 
The book is easy to read and the conversations are often hilarious: “You didn’t tell me you were an artist!” “Really?” she gave him a teasing look. “I could have sworn I mentioned it somewhere between all the shooting and you throwing that guy through the window.” “You probably did, and I completely forgot,” Landry said without missing a beat. “You can tell me all over again at dinner.”

When Everly introduces Landry to her family, they discover that he is a werewolf. Her brothers go into Big-Brother-Protective-Overdrive and by doing so, drive Everly crazy. They even threathen to kill Landry (with a baseball bat against a full grown werewolf, are you insane??). Unfortunately, when Everly discovers his secret as well (she didn’t pick up why her brothers went into protection mode earlier), she is shocked, mortified and repulsed. How can Landry convince Everly that she is The One?

Paige Tyler has done it: a true romance, with a lot of action, witty conversations and a lot of humour. And of course, a lot of hunky SWAT members. A very nice read.

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Published:  June 2016

ISBN: 9781492625957


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