Outlaw Justice – Rebecca York

Long ago, they were a hot item. Then Leah left town, met, and married the wrong man. Escaping a living hell of a marriage, she runs straight into the arms of her old lover, Steve Outlaw. Passion flares again between them, but can he save her from a homicidal husband?
My review
It will be a challenge for me to keep this review short. Since Outlaw Justice is just a novella of 92 pages, it would seem strange to have a very long review. So the short version: a fast-paced, steamy story with a slightly paranormal twist. Love it!

To do Rebecca York some more justice, here is the longer version. Outlaw Justice is part 13 of the Decorah Security Series. This series is about a PI bureau, which hires people with ‘strange’ abilities. I’ve checked Goodreads and the series not only entails gifted people like Steve Outlaw who can see flashes of someone’s past through the touching of an object of that person, but also werewolfs and shapeshifters. The series starts with the owner of the bureau, Frank Decorah, a guy with premonitions. Funny thing is: the cover of On Edge (Decorah Security Series, #0,5) is supposed to display Frank. However, this guy is the same guy used on the cover of Sacrifice (Elemental, #5) from Brigid Kemmerer. I guess paranormal guys are scarse…

Back to Leah and her abusive husband Warren. After her escape from his loose hands, she literally bumps into Steve, her former lover. On the run, scared and alone, Leah has to decide if she can trust Steve or that she’s better of alone. But when big apes hired by Warren are showing up on her doorstep, she doesn’t have a lot of choice. So maybe Steve can be trusted, despite the special powers he claims to have. Soon enough Leah will find out if Steve really can see things of the past or not. And will this help her?

Find out in Outlaw Justice! Four out of five stars, mostly because the story was so short. I’m going to try the rest of the series. Thank you Netgalley for the ARC. 

Publisher: Light Street Press

Published: July 2016

ISBN: 9781943191017

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