Immortal Unchained – Lynsay Sands

Ever since Domitian Argenis recognized Sarita as his life mate, he’s been waiting for the perfect moment to claim her. Those fantasies did not include him being chained to a table in a secret lab, or both of them being held hostage by a mad scientist. Somehow, they have to escape…

Sarita has seen some crazy things as a cop, but nothing to rival Domitian. A vampire? Seriously? But his healing ability, incredible powers, and their mind-blowing physical connection-none of it should be possible, yet her body knows differently. Now, not only do they have to save each other, but other innocent lives are at stake. Failure is not an option, for Sarita intends for Domitian to show her exactly what an eternity of pleasure feels like…

Publisher: Orion Publishing Group

Published: March 2017

ISBN: 9781473221536

My review

Since I accidentally stumbled across the 7th book of the Argenau series of Lynsay Sands (The Accidental Vampire, what’s in a name…), I was sincerely spoiled. Ever since, all vampire books I read are measured against the Argenaus… So when I saw Immortal Unchained (# 25 in the series) on Netgalley, I just had to request it. And yay, I received the ARC. I was a little hesitant, because after more than 20 books on the Argenau family, the action seemed to be getting a little less in the books 21 and 22. The yummie Notte twins (Dante and Tomasso) fortunately had more action in books 23 and 24. And in this book, Lynsay picks up the pace. We had already seen, that there were some immortals disappearing in those books. And although Lucian (my absolute favourite Argenau) was trying to find them, he was not able to.

Enter Domitian. We start the book with Lucian growling (when is he not growling…) into Domitian’s earpeace, not to go on board of the helicopter. But of course, Domitian gets on the helicopter… and ends up chained to a table in a secret lab.

Fortunately, Domitian is untied by Sarita, his life mate. If you haven’t read any of Lynsay’s books: she is THE ONE for him. But since she is a ‘normal’ mortal woman, she knows nothing of vampires (excuse me: immortals). However, she gets a crash course in vampires by Dr. Dressler, a mad scientist doing gruesome experiments on them.

Of course there is this undeniable attraction between Sarita and Domitian, which will lead to some hilarious and also steaming scenes. But, as a true Argenau story, there is a lot of action, some unexpected turns and some very intriguing characters. For instance, we meet Thorne, the son of Dr. Dressler and Asherah, the assistant of Dr. Dressler. Right untill the end, you don’t know who will be part of the good guys or part of the bad guys. With the exception of Dr. Dressler of course, who is just pure evil.

Furthermore, we re-unite with some of the characters of the earlier books, like Victor (my first Argenau encounter), Nicholas and Jo (The Renegade Hunter, #12), Decker and Dani (The Immortal Hunter #11),  Lucern (Single White Vampire #3), Eshe (Borne to Bite, #13) and Mirabeau (Bitten by Cupid, #12,5). And of course Lucian (Bite me if you can, #6).

So of course, five out of five stars from me! And looking forward to book 26! Keep up the good work, Lynsay.

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