His Human Rebel – Renee Rose

Cambry doesn’t believe the aliens’ propaganda for one minute. The Zandians may have saved her from one death, but they planned to send her to another. She bides her time, waiting for her chance to get away and find her brother, enslaved by a different species. The only thing she didn’t count on was Lundric, the tempting Zandian warrior who, for some reason, decided she was his female.

Lundric knew the fierce little rebel Cambry belonged to him the moment he saw her toss that auburn hair in defiance. He knows she hasn’t accepted him or the Zandian’s cause, but he vows to win her, no matter what it takes. But when Cambry steals a ship and attempts to escape, even his harshest punishment may not restore the trust between them.

Devour USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Rose’s steamy stand-alone romance in the interconnected Zandian Masters series today!

My review

Since I already met the hot-and-steamy way of writing of Renee Rose in Her Alien Masters, I was happy to receive this review from Netgalley.

And yes, His human rebel is also hot-and-steamy. We meet Cambry, who was ‘rescued’ by the aliens the Zandians. But she is destined to help those Zandians on a suicide mission to recapture their planet. Cambry, however, has plans of her own. She wants to escape from the spaceship and track down her brother, who was also captured, but by a different species.

Lundric, a Zandian’s guard has his eyes set on Cambry. He likes the feisty redhead and he decided to make her his own. While sparks (and spanks) are flying, Lundric doesn’t realize that Cambry is just biding her time to escape.

To Cambry, the lines between playing along with the dark and handsome Zandian and actually falling for the big lug are blurring. Is it only physical attraction and his dominance in bed which attract her? Or did he actually steal her heart? And what will Lundric do, when she escapes?

I guess you have to find out for yourself. For me, it was a nice read. However, for some reason I couldn’t connect to Cambry and Lundric, the way I connected to Mira, Jakk and Gav’n from Her Alien Masters.

Therefore, three out of five stars from me.

Publisher: Burning Desires

Published: April 2017

ISBN: 9781546757542

My Rating: ♥♥♥

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