Kindred Spirits – Jean Marie Bauhaus

When crime reporter Derek Brandt paints ghost whisperer Christine Wilson as a charlatain on the nightly news, her sister Ron, an actual ghost, is incensed. Defying her sister’s wishes, Ron takes it upon herself to haunt the skeptical journalist and turn him into a true believer. But Ron gets more than she bargained for when she discovers Derek is already haunted–by the ghost of his murdered brother, Jimmy.
After spending years watching over his kid brother with no way to communicate, Jimmy is ready to do whatever it takes to get through to him so he can move on to his final rest. Ron is happy to help, but they need Chris in order to relay Jimmy’s message to Derek. Only problem is, despite all evidence to the contrary, Derek is still convinced Chris is a fraud. And after what he did to her reputation, Chris isn’t exactly filled with warm feelings for Derek, either.
Can the Wilson sisters help Jimmy break down Derek’s resistance and accept that his brother is still present and in need of help? And can Chris and Derek put aside their mutual distrust for Jimmy’s sake? If they do, they just might find that enemies can turn out to be kindred spirits.

My Review

Sometimes you stumble upon a book, where you are directly intrigued by the blurb. Kindred Spirits is that kind of a book. It has an original story, written perfectly in a fast (but not overly) fast pace, which keeps you on edge.

We meet Derek, journalist and cynic, who is definitely not into the spirit world. He just unmasked Christine as a charlatan, who claims to be a medium. What he doesn’t know, is that Chris actually can see and talk to ghosts. For instance with Ron (short for Veronica), her deceased sister, who is definitely not amused at the news item about her sister. So she goes to Derek’s home to haunt him and teach him a lesson.

What a shock it is to meet Jimmy, Derek’s older (but very dead) brother. He is trying for years to contact his brother Derek about his unsolved murder. In Ron and Chris he finally sees a possibility to communicate with his brother. But Chris is not really enthusiastic to discuss her ghostly talks with the suspicious Derek. But can they put their differences aside, to help Jimmy find peace?

The closer Derek and Chris come to actually solving the murder of Jimmy, the more dangerous the situation becomes. Can they solve the murder? Or will they become a ghost as well?

The story is wonderful, original, but also full with suspension, unexpected twists and emotional moments. So definitely five out of five stars from me. And I’ll go and try Restless Spirits, to read about Ron’s story as well. With a big thank you to Netgalley for providing the ARC.

Publisher: Vinspire Publishing LLC

Published: June 2017

ISBN: 9781545145845

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


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