Devoted – J. C. Harroway

Some choices are easy. Some choices are hard. And some choices will break our hearts…

When jaded movie director, Tyler Wentworth meets Mallory Hughes on the set of his latest movie, he immediately notices two things: she’s too sweet and she’s somehow familiar. But he has no time for mysteries – as long as she can do her job and continue to keep her notorious starlet out of trouble, she can keep her secrets.

Mallory knows exactly who Tyler is, the young man she had a huge crush on has grown to a Hollywood heavy-weight. But the last thing she wants is to be associated with the shy, awkward girl she was then. She’s here professionally, managing her troubled sister who has the talent to be the biggest star on screen, but a turbulent past. This is Bobbie’s last and best shot, and Mallory will do nothing to jeopardise it.

But as the filming begins, Mallory not only finds herself drawn more deeply to this grown-up Tyler, but that her attraction is more than reciprocated and she can’t help herself from indulging in all of her girlish fantasies. However, when their pasts catch up, she is going to have to choose between the sister she’s devoted her life to and the man who’s won her heart.

My review

Sometimes you stumble upon a book and when you finish it, you need a minute to contemplate. What was it about this book, that made you wonder?

In this case, after reading Devoted, I had to ask myself: was it a bad book? Well no, it was a fine book, nicely written and definitely believable. Then were the characters unlikeable? No, definitely not. Mallory is a wonderful and devoted girl, who tries to keep her little star sister out of trouble. She is a bit of a grey mouse, but she works very hard to keep her sister on track and to keep their boss, Tyler Wentworth happy. Tyler, on the other hand, is a very nice, handsome (and did I already mention droolworthy???) guy. And we have Bobbie, the girl who turned famous and now is struggling to adjust to stardom, while having lost both her parents at a very young age.

Then, what was it with this book? I have been thinking about it and I just can’t put my finger on it. In all, it is just a really nice book. You are drawn in by Mallory and you can feel her conflict of interests between the welfare of her sister and her obvious attraction to Tyler. The story has enough twist and turns to keep you interested. There are some ghosts from the past, some prejudices and wrong interpretations of situations. So, the story perfectly flows and you keep on reading.

So, would I recommend this book? Well definitely. But somewhere it is still nagging me, that I just couldn’t swoon over the book. So, droolfactor: definitely there, but no swooning. Is that a bad thing? Definitely not, but if you find a book to sweep you of your feet, you won’t find it in this book. But if you want to have a nice read with a hot guy and a happily ever after, please read this one.

Four out of five stars from me. With a thank you to Netgalley for providing the ARC in exchange of an honest review.

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Published: July 2017

ISBN: 9781489245632

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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