His Human Vessel – Renee Rose

Bayla’s destiny had been set from the beginning. Her body would be used for sex and breeding. Nothing changed when the sexy Zandian doctor purchased her from the baby farm and brought her to his examination room. 

Nothing. And everything.

Daneth has always lived in his head, letting science govern his thoughts and choices. Having Bayla in his lab shouldn’t change that, but somehow the submissive human female gets under his skin. No matter how harshly he punishes her, she responds to his touch with passion, sparking a lust that threatens to distract him from his plans.
When Bayla learns Daneth has a weakness for her, she presses her advantage, but she has no desire to bear yet another child and have it taken from her arms. If only she could figure out how to stay with the dominant alien doctor but avoid the pregnancy…

My review

Yep, I have to admit: those purple guys kind of grow on you… After Lyndric and his human Cambry, I needed a new Zandian adventure. And where I liked the story of His Human Rebel, I really loved His Human Vessel.

Daneth is the ultimate nerdy scientist, obsessed with reproducing his Zandian race after their wipe-out from the planet. Bayla is nothing more than an experiment to save his race from extinction. He really doesn’t understand emotions and the feisty Bayla really confuses him. When he spanks her to get her to obey, she gets turned on… And when he hurts her, she finds comfort in his arms afterwards.

Daneth really doesn’t get it. And when he wants to rip off the head of his fellow Zandian guards for ogling Bayla, his brains just short circuits. He is just too cute.

Bayla is emotionally drained after having taken multiple children from her after giving birth to them. She is not able to bear another child only to have him taken from her. So, she really doesn’t want to get pregnant. She recognizes the attraction Daneth has for her and she tries to use this at her advantage. And when she fails, the spanking for her inappropriate behaviour is just getting her turned on.

So when the opportunity arises for Bayla to stop being a reproductive vessel, she has a dilemma: stay with the dorky cute doctor and risk a pregnancy or leave and maybe find one of her lost children…

What will she chose and how will Daneth react? Find out in this hot and steamy fifth book of the Zandian series. Four out of five stars from me. With a thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Burning Desires

Published: June 2017

ISBN: 9781547181384

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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