My Sugar Daddy – Trinity Blacio

Struggling single mother Laura McGill figures she has nothing to lose and everything to gain when she impulsively signs up online to meet a sugar daddy. After losing her virginity to a two-timing married man, she’s out to find security for herself and her infant son Max–and hopefully a man she can love.

Brothers Daniel and Grant Wilmot are handsome and rich-and seeking a Rubenesque beauty whose lush curves will cushion their hard loving. Leaders of a security team comprising former Special Forces operatives and a dating website that serves as a cover for their military activities, Daniel and Grant–and another brother, Roman–are smitten by Laura’s generous proportions and sweet manner.

But before the relationship can get too far, a classified government project goes awry–and the Wilmot brothers are forced to pick up the pieces. But will Laura reject them when she learns the truth about the secret they carry?

My review

Okay… You’ve got sweet and easygoing stories, action and fast paced stories, hot and steamy stories AND you’ve got Trinity Blacio stories…

Maybe because this was my first Trinity Blacio story, I was not used to the lightning speed in which the story goes in her books. Because I really had a hard time keeping up. When I read the blurb and requested the arc from Netgalley I kind of expected a rich hot guy (or two) to take care of single mother Laura and her son max in exchange of some naughty and sweaty activities.

But nooooooo, you kind of nosedive into a story with aliens who want to take over the world. And sex may be the answer to all the problems? It was about that time (or maybe it was when everyone came round to show Laura and her hot stuff guys their allegiance, by giving her a kiss on the lips – and no, not your average lips – ) that the story just went a little crazy. And the most crazy thing is that Laura was not surprised at all, by having to go down under into bunkers, with an entire town. Nope, just your regular day at work…

None the less, I had a good time reading it, but the ending was a bit unsatisfactory. The story ends fairly abrupt, while the aliens are still looming. So, hopefully they will get those bad guys in the next part.

Three out of five stars from me. And a thank you for Riverdale Avenue Books for providing the arc in exchange of an honest review.

Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books

Published: March 2017

ISBN: 9781626013575

My Rating: ♥♥♥


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