Blackmail – Anna James Watson

Mia Winters was a perfectly normal junior at Yale University. Until she accidentally witnessed a secret lover’s rendezvous. Now, blackmailed into silence, a sexual hunger has awoken inside of her, and there’s only one way to satiate it–but she’s not sure she wants to. Of course, Julian Roth, her gorgeous and brilliant T.A., and Tristan Masters, her equally gorgeous but loathsome classmate, may not give her a choice. The closer she gets to them, the more she is drawn into the world of old money, family dynasties, and secret societies–all worlds she never intended to discover. Will she let herself go down the proverbial rabbit hole or will her better judgement win out in the war between what her brain thinks and what her body craves?

This work of fiction is erotica, meaning that sexual encounters are descriptively explicit and extensive. This novel features a relationship an “MMF” relationship, meaning two men and one women are all involved in a three-way sexual relationship. Content is inappropriate for non-adults.

My review

Hold on to your panties, or maybe better: take them off. This story just starts directly with a very hot scene between Julian and Tristan, while Mia is accidentally watching. Yowsers.

So for the hot and steamy part, this is definitely a book to get you tingly all over. For the story-part: not so much. We have Mia, the proverbial grey mouse dash bookworm. And we have Julian, the nerdy TA and Tristan the hot and smoking, but very arrogant and used to having his way rich guy.

We see a relationship evolve from the blackmail part: Tristan and Julian persuade Mia to have sex with them and videotape it in order to have their little bi-sexual secret safe from her ratting them out. But one thing leads to another and to more hot and steamy scenes. And then the story ends with a rather open ending, leaving you hot and frustrated, and waiting for part two.

So if you want to have a panty-melting-day: dive into this one. If you want to read a nice story with a very great storyline, well… I would go for another book. So three out of five stars from me and a thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Anna James Watson

Published: May 2017

ISBN: 9780998987842

My Rating: ♥♥♥


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