An Earl for the Archeress – E. Elizabeth Watson

Desperate for coin, Lady Mariel Crawford enters an archery contest as a boy but despite her unmatched skill she loses in a tie to the intriguing, frustrating, and very handsome Earl of Huntington. Robert of Huntington seems like any other young philanderer and Mariel, fleeing a cruel father, trusts no man. Yet Robert proves to have a softer side that threatens her resolve to remain alone and unattached.

When Robert bests a young woman at a tourney, his curiosity deepens when he realizes she is the daughter of the ruthless Beast of Ayr. And when he learns that Mariel’s father conspires with the Sheriff of Nottingham Robert is compelled to protect her. Even if it means lying. Even if it means the only way he can save her is by marrying her. He’s willing to lose everything to guard the Scottish wildling who has pierced his heart.

My review

Since I’m a sucker for Disney, I was intrigued by the blurb of An Earl for the Archeress. Could this be a great re-telling of Robin Hood, where the Hood gets the lady? But this time with a very strong and independent lady, who can shoot arrows better than any man?
Well, in the first part of the story, this is definitely the case. The story starts with Lady Mariel, who tries to enter an archery match. Since women are not allowed to enter, she tries to enter ‘her brother’ for the game. She encounters sir Robert, who helps her to enter the match. Little did she know that sir Robert is actually the one hosting the game. So, when she disguises herself as a boy and enters the game, she ends up as the finalist against sir Robert.
During the last arrows, the staff announces that sir Robert won the game. Frustrated, out of money and out of food, Mariel flees the scene. After the game, sir Robert (who can’t help but wonder who his opponent was), finds out that his staff had granted him the victory, whilst they were tied in the game. When he tries to find his opponent, to give him the rightful price, he finds out that he (she) has gone.
Some days later, Mariel is caught while catching a rabbit on sir Robert’s land. Out of money and out of food, she was desperate for something to eat. She is brought to sir Robert and he fortunately recognizes her as his opponent.
He is intrigued by the woman and asks her to stay in his castle to recover.

So far, so good. But then we are at about one third of the book. And then it starts to go downhill. The story proceeds with how sir Robert is actually the ‘Robin Hood’ of Nottingham and how he secretly takes money from the noble with his friend John.
But this part is very long winded and I kept checking the page numbers to see if I was nearing the end…

So, only three out of five stars from me. With a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Entangled Publishing LLC

Published: July 2017

ISBN: 9781640631250

My Rating: ♥♥♥

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