Atlantis: The King’s Return

Ambrose. The name is not only feared, but shunned and reviled. He’s a monster sentenced to a life of desolation and loneliness, and no one but his tormentor knows his whereabouts — at the bottom of the ocean. A creature of the sea cursed because of one simple mistake…

Mari. Her life was a small happy bubble until it’s popped by the finding out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her — just as the cruise ship she’s on starts to sink! She’s sure that death is near until she drowns upon an underwater cave…and a hulking man with swirling eyes.

Seeing a chance to escape, Ambrose forces the terrified Mari to help them both, but not before ultimately changing her life…and her legs. Their worlds turning upside in the matter of minutes, Ambrose is on a mission to clear his name and Mari’s on a mission to return to land. But how can she do that when she slowly starts to fall for the dangerous, damaged man who only wants to be free…and heal her own heart in the process?

My review

Ever since I got hooked on the Argenaus series from Lynsay Sands, I have a weak spot for stories from Atlantis. But where the Atlanteans in Lynsay’s books turn into immortals living among us, with D.K. Combs they turn into mermaids and merman. The only comparison is that they both are able to turn ‘normal’ humans into their form.

And this is exactly what happens to Mari, after she ends up in an underwater cave with Ambrose. He is a helpless merman lying in the cave, unable to get to the water. When Mari helps him escape the cave where he is held captive, he has to turn her into a mermaid to avoid that she drowns.

Suddenly stuck with a tail and a very handsome fishman, Mari doesn’t know what to do. So, in times of stress, she starts babbling. Talking Ambrose’s ears of she follows him through the sea. Soon she learns that there are more dangerous creatures in the sea and that Ambrose maybe is the scariest one of all. And still, he is gracious, tender and protective towards her.

When she learns that Ambrose is heading towards Atlantis, she decides to come with him. Because, let’s face it: would you rather go explore a legendary sunken city or go home with your tail between your legs (literally….) to your cheating-soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend?

But not everybody is happy to see Ambrose return to Atlantis to reclaim his rightful place on the throne. So everywhere they go, danger is lurking. And Mari, with her big mouth and actions before thinking is driving Ambrose crazy. However, he can’t deny that she’s becoming the light in his life. And after two thousand years of captivity, she is the best thing that happened to him. But will they succeed in returning to Atlantis and what are the gods doing to intervene?

Find out in this Captive story of D.K. Combs. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.


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