Alpha’s Prize – Renee Rose & Lee Savino

My captive. My mate. My prize.

I didn’t order the capture of the beautiful American she-wolf. I didn’t buy her from the traffickers. I didn’t even plan to claim her. But no male shifter could have withstood the test of a full moon and a locked room with Sedona, naked and shackled to the bed.

I lost control, not only claiming her, but also marking her, and leaving her pregnant with my wolfpup. I won’t keep her prisoner, as much as I’d like to. I allow her to escape to the safety of her brother’s pack.

But once marked, no she-wolf is ever really free. I will follow her to the ends of the Earth, if I must. Sedona belongs to me.

My review

After reading Alpha’s Temptation I couldn’t resist Alpha’s Prize of course. But where Alpha’s Temptation is a lot more funny and easy going, this part has more dark edges around the story.

We start the story with Sedona, being kidnapped and locked up in a room. Naked, that is. And then Carlo is also being trapped inside the same room. So, the same melt-your-panties-while-reading stuff as the other Alpha’s book (and the Zandian Master’s series of Renee), but with less banter and humor.

In fact: after Carlo has marked Sedona in the heat of the moment, he releases her to her family. And while Sedona is recovering at home from the shock of being pregnant, Carlo faces a lot of difficulties with the Elders, who basically have take over his pack during his study in the last few years.

Who can Carlo trust and who tries to take over his pack? Can he convince his packmembers that he is back for good and will lead them as a true Alpha? Or will they side with the Elders?

And will Sedona come back to Carlo? Or will she hate him forever for marking her? Find out in this hot and steamy shapeshifter story.

Three out of five stars from me and I’ll be keeping an eye out for new stories in the Bad Boy Alpha’s Series. With a thank you to Netgalley for providing the ARC.

Publisher: Burning Desires

Published: October 2017

ISBN: 1305999999000

My Rating: ♥♥♥


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