Zandian Pet – Renee Rose


Taramina could survive slavery, even as a pet in Prium’s Intergalactic Emporium. She always knew she’d escape.

She just didn’t know escape would come in the form of a powerful handsome male of her own species. Especially one whose rough handling incites a fever in her she hasn’t felt before.

But she intends to make a fresh start, which means severing ties with the dominant Zandian who once held her collar and a leash. The male who knows just how to master her.

No, she can’t be his pet. Not after what she’s been through.

So why does she keep coming back for more?

My review

On Netgalley you really can’t miss the purple covers of the Zandian Masters of Renee Rose. So when number seven came along, I just had to request it. And yay, another Zandian story was granted.

In part six we read how Tomis rescued Master Seke’s daughter Talia. In this new book, we meet Taramina, Talia’s sister. But contrary to Talia, Taramina (or Mina as she goes by that name now) knows exactly who she is. However, she doesn’t know that she is not the only survivor. When Erick, loyal subject of prince Zander, comes across the beautiful Zandian girl in a brothel, he doesn’t realizes this is the daughter of master Seke. He does realize that this girl is being held captive against her will as a pet and against all regulations.

The only way to get close to the girl is to pay for her services. And because everyone is watching, Erick has to play a convincing role in being the dominant male in the role-play.  Well… let’s just say, he is very convincing…. 😉

Mina can’t believe it when a stranger with the same skin colour shows up and while spanking is whispering promises of rescuing her. But Mina isn’t just a random girl, she is the daughter of general Seke and she has been taught never to give up. Therefore, she isn’t going to wait for some guy to come and rescue her. She will save herself, even if she has to run from the handsome stranger who wanted to help her.

Erick returns to the ship of Prince Zander, frustrated of losing the mysterious Zandian girl at the brothel. His shock is great when he encounters her on the ship and she is the long lost daughter of Master Seke. Of course, Erick can’t tell his esteemed general that he spanked his daughter… And Tara (as she introduces herself to Erick) would prefer to die, before telling her father that as Mina she was a sex slave and a house pet.

Since Erick only knows her as Mina, Tara tries to avoid him and every aspect of her previous life. But Erick is not about to let Taramina go. He wants her body, soul and if she doesn’t listen, he’ll spank some sense into her. But then Mina’s old life and Erick’s current life collide… Will they be able to pick up the pieces?

Find out for yourself! Bring a fan to cool you down. Wonderful read, four out of five stars from me. And awaiting the next purple part. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Romance Beckons

Published: November 2017

ISBN: 9781981145829

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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