The Sheikh’s Pretend Fiancée – Leslie North

Liyah Reed returns to the Middle East hoping for something more than her humdrum life back at home, but what she finds is beyond her wildest dreams…

Five years after her first stay as a foreign exchange student, American librarian Liyah returns to the Middle East. The move goes against her practical nature, but even a plain jane like herself sometimes thirsts for adventure. When a favor for a friend thrusts her into the path of beguiling billionaire Asad Sharif, Liyah’s sensible life may become something far more…sensual. Liyah is ensnared by Asad’s seductive charm, but she’s way out of her depth. However with a push from Asad’s meddling sister, Liyah is soon leading the lavish lifestyle of a sheikha. 

Billionaire businessman Asad Sharif has willing women falling at his feet on multiple continents, but what he needs is a wife…or at least the appearance of one. To convince investors that he’s a dependable man, what Asad needs is a fake fiancée. The bookish American Liyah is the perfect choice, and when she accepts his pretend proposal, Asad’s sister is eager to help Liyah look the part. When his shy wallflower unexpectedly blooms into a stunning beauty, Asad will have to work doubly hard not to lose himself in Liyah’s strawberry blonde hair and enticing curves.  

In the playground of the wealthy Middle Eastern elite, things are getting hotter than ever for the sheikh and his would-be sheikha, but all fake marriages must eventually come to an end…

My review

So maybe the Sheik’s of Leslie North kind of grow on you… (Check out my reviews for The Sheikh’s Fake Fiancée and The Sheikh’s Surprise Triplets).

It is still astonishing how Leslie can create totally different stories, set in different parts of the world. Although the grumpy hot cowboys are my favourite, the rich and famous Sheikh’s are also getting more and more appealing.

In the series, we meet the Sharif Sheikh’s. Asad and his brother Rashid are great business men. They have invested very well and they are a very rich family. Together with their sister Amira they live in Dubai, where they meet Liyah by chance.

Liyah was just helping out her friend Mila at the bar where she works, when she met the Sharif family. Having returned in Dubai after five years, Liyah is trying to find out where she belongs. Asad needs a pretend fiancée to convince his investors he is not the young reckless guy and playboy they know him to be. As a soon-to-be married man, he can convince them he is perfectly capable of building great projects together with his brother. So he asks Liyah to play the part in exchange of an enormous amount of money. For Liyah, this is a means to help her exchange-mother paying off the debts due to medical bills.

But when shy, bookish Liyah in her baggy clothes gets transformed by Asad’s sister Amira into a gorgeous woman with a mind of her own, Asad nearly forgets that she is only his pretend fiancée.

But mistrust from both sides and meddling family members result in a ‘cold war’ between Liyah and Asad, while sparks are flying on the physical part. Will their chemistry result in something else? And will the investors be convinced of their feelings of each other?

Find out in this lovely story. And I can’t wait to read on about Rashid in The Sheikh’s Tamed Bride. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Relay Publishing

Published: January 2018

ISBN: 9781982065775

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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