Twice Bitten – Lynsay Sands

After Immortally Yours (#26 in the Argeneaus series) I was almost getting detox issues of waiting since November last year for another story from the Argeneau clan. In Twice Bitten we turn back to Elspeth, daughter of Martine Pimms and niece of Marguerite Argeneau.

Elspeth, at over one hundred and forty years, has finally ‘moved out’ of her parental home and she starts to feel as an adult. Helping Mortimer out as a rogue hunter and doing ‘grown up’ stuff. Including dating and having fun with friends. She isn’t looking forward to having a lifemate yet, since she is just starting to enjoy her freedom.

But then she meets Wyatt, the grandson of her landlord. And not only does he appear to be her lifemate, he also claims that they have been dating before. But how can she not recognize him? And why do all those accidents start to happen to her? Is it revenge from her mother for sneaking out of the house? Or is someone trying to hurt her?

Wyatt is determined to keep Elspeth safe, when all the accidents are not so randomly as they first appear. But how can Elspeth miraculously heal so fast and why do her eyes seem to change to a liquid silver colour at times?

Find out for yourself in this great new episode in the Argeneau series. If you want to check out the family tree, check Lynsay Sands’ website for

Since I’ve read all of this series during the last decade, I can say that I’m a bit of a fan. The first books were absolutely fantastic. When we reached part twenty, I had a feeling that maybe the family trees were a bit branched out and that Lynsay may have been losing her touch a little bit. But no, in the last few books Lynsay is definitely back on track! So another five out of five stars from me. And a special thank you to Edelweiss for providing the arc.

Publisher: Avon Books

Published: March 2018


My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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