Cruel Twist of Fate – Heidi Lis

I’ve heard the stories.
I’ve read the stories too.
Now it’s time to continue the story.
Dominic Santos died before I was born. Murdered in cold blood. For eighteen years, I’ve lived under the shadow of a man I’ve never met. My father.
I’m a fighter by nature, a survivor. But even that can’t stop the voices in my head or the beast that lives inside of me. Fighting is the only thing that keeps me sane, but fighting alone can’t stop what haunts me most.
And that’s knowing that not all monsters live under beds or lurk in the dark.

Sometimes, they come after you.
They conceal themselves by hiding in plain sight. They pretend to care, but secretly despise the very air you breathe. A monster so blinded by hate, can’t see his fatal flaw until it’s too late. Not realizing the only thing that can kill a monster… is a beast!

The worst kind of hatred is one you can’t let go of. After years of waiting, the time has finally come. Declan may think he’s untouchable, being undefeated in Windy City Underground, but he’s never faced a fight like the one I’m bringing. Little does he know his whole world is about to collapse around him. He’s about to suffer like I have. He doesn’t know it yet, but I found his greatest weakness, and I’ll use it to destroy him. The sweet taste of revenge will finally be mine!

To get an in depth understanding of Cruel Twist of Fate, it is recommended to read the series in order.
Defying Fate #1
Sealing My Fate #2
Cruel Twist of Fate #3

My review

As much as I liked the first two parts of the Fate series, I really had a hard time completing this last part. Where the first two parts where also full of suspense, this last story of Declan was of a much darker sort. It was a depressing read and I almost gave up midway to the book. The suspense however kept me going, but I have skipped the explicit scenes where Declan is actually torturing people. I just couldn’t stomach these scenes, they where too much.
The story itself is full of twists and turns and the total story is absolutely epic. Looking back, I don’t know if I would have started this last part. You can enjoy the first two parts without Declan’s story I think. But if you want to find out about Declan, then you probably also want to read this last part for the closure.
Two out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Heidi Lis
Published: June 2018
ISBN: 9781721775019
My Rating: ♥♥

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