Secret Things and Highland Flings – Tracy Corbett

When Lexi’s ex runs off to Spain with his PA, she’s left to clean up the financial mess he leaves behind. She’ll do anything to keep her beloved art gallery afloat, but then a surprise discovery makes things even more complicated… On the surface, Olly seems to have it all: a carefree life, travelling the world. But he’s running from something in his past. And when his father dies, Olly’s life is turned upside down as he suddenly finds himself the Earl of Horsley and inherits his family’s crumbling estate in the Scottish Highlands. When their worlds collide, Lexi and Olly are instantly drawn to one another. But can love ever work if they both have secrets to hide?

My review

Having read Starlight on the Palace Pier (and loved it), I was happy to see another story of Tracy Corbett. I wish I could be as enthusiastic about Secret Things and Highland Flings as the previous book. But unfortunately I can’t. It is not a terrible book, but it just didn’t knock me off my socks. Maybe Tracy tried too hard. The story just dragged on a bit too long. And the credibility of the story was off course zero to non. Of course there are louse men who screw around and take all the money from your joint account. Forging papers isn’t very likely. And even less likely is that the pay-out of the insurance is done in cash and is lying around and found by you. But in this book it happened. Lexi found the money of her lying and cheating ex-husband and decided to keep it.
Same goes for Oliver (or Ollie) who was taught to replicate art by his mother, only to find out she had sold his replica as the original painting for two million dollars. Totally believable… NOT.
So, in all, it was a nice story with some twists and turns. But because the story was a bit over the top, it was hard to connect to the characters. Making the story okay-ish but just not great. Therefore three out of five stars and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Avon Books UK
Published: May 2019
ISBN: 9780008299491
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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