Birth of the Bacchae – Stephanie Mirro

“Vampires, Immortals, Bacchae—they’re all the same. The name may change, but their appetites never do.”

Ever since archaeology student Serafina Finch found an ancient Roman amulet on a dig in Italy, she’s been having dreams. Strange dreams that leave her with an eerie sense of foreboding. But between a busy college schedule and a boyfriend she’s hoping to marry, she doesn’t have time for strange.

Then a mysterious cult takes an obsessive interest in the artifact. Serafina finds her life in chaos as she’s thrown into the supernatural world, where Immortals and witches alike claim ownership of the amulet. Her amulet.

As her connection to the amulet grows, she discovers a dark secret about her past. Serafina realizes she must protect the powerful relic at all costs—even if it means losing one of the people she loves most.

“Invisible. Powerful. Immortal. We are Bacchae.”

My review

Since I’m a sucker (no pun intended…) for vampire stories, the title of this one caught my eye on Netgalley. This is the debut of Stephanie Mirro and she choose to make the vampires the bad guys, who are actually descendants of Bacchus, ancient God of wine. So a very intriguing angle for the story and with the POV changing between Serafina (an archeology student) and Solomon (a vampire), you both get a glimpse of the dynamics within the Bacchae and the ‘normal’ world.
Sera finds a strange amulet when digging around as an archeologist in Italy. She feels a strange pull to the amulet, which she can’t explain. However, between dating with her busy boyfriend, fending of her overly friendly professor, having coffee with her best friend Norah and studying for her master, she doesn’t have a lot of time to think about the amulet.
But when strange things start to happen, Sera is experiencing strange dreams, Norah’s new boyfriend is following them around like a creepy guy and Sera gets abducted, she realizes there is something amiss. The story slowly unfolds and there are a lot of twists and unexpected turns. So the story keeps you on edge and when you near the end of the book, you can’t help but feel totally bummed, that the book ends! I really, really want to know what will happen next, so please tell me the next book will be out soon! A great debut, keep up the good work. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Tannhauser Press

Published: June 2019

ISBN: 9781560264007

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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