Forget Me – Kimberley Ash

He’s the man she left behind, but never forgot… Laurel Moore might have had to leave her prized job as an assistant chef in one of NYC’s swankiest restaurants to take care of her brother and mother after her father’s death, but she’s not giving up on her dream. Nope. She’s going to turn her father’s debt-ridden, greasy spoon bar and restaurant into a destination gastropub that will bring life back to her small, struggling town. Laurel faces resistance on all sides, but it’s running into her first love, reformed bad boy Jonah Gardiner, that really throws her off her stride. Worse, he’s more tempting than ever. Spurred on by Laurel’s rejection a decade ago, Jonah cleaned up his act and became an academic and psychologist, who helps everyone understand their feelings except himself. He can think of a million reasons why he and Laurel need to stay at arms’ length, but when she shares her new recipes with him, it seems like foreplay. And that’s just the beginning… Can he and Laurel seize a second chance or will she destroy the peace he’s worked so hard for?

My review

Second chances, new beginnings. I like them. So Forget Me was very promising. And indeed, it was a nice story about Laurel and Jonah. She was the good girl, he was the bad boy. When she decided to cut him loose, because he drank too much, very like her own father, it broke her heart.
So she left town and build herself a future somewhere else. And then her father died and Laurel came back to pick up the pieces. She hadn’t counted on Jonah, who is a psychologist now. Their break up was his wake-up call and he has cleaned up his act since then. Seeing Laurel back after all this years, reminds him of why he never set foot in her father’s bar again. But now it is Laurel’s bar and she needs help. Can Jonah overcome his fears and issues and help her out? And will Laurel be accepting of his help?
A nice read, four out of five stars and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Tule Publishing

Published: June 2019

ISBN: 9781950510368

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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