Taste of Darkness – Katie Reus

He spent more than a thousand years imprisoned in Hell…

Drake is an ancient dragon shifter, one of the most powerful beings in existence, but over a millennium trapped in utter darkness has left him ill-equipped for modern society. If it wasn’t for Victoria, the sweet female brave enough to befriend him, he’d be lost. She’s smart and gorgeous and everything he never dared dream of during his years of agonizing loneliness. He may not have anything to offer her, but one thing he knows for sure: he’d die to keep her safe.

Only to fall into the heaven of her touch.

Victoria is a wolf shifter, healer of the Stavros pack. She’s seen a lot, but she’s never met anybody quite like Drake, the fiery, fascinating shifter who can blaze through the skies unseen by mere mortals. He’s lost, dangerous, and the last male she should fall in love with, but the more time she spends helping him navigate modern life, the deeper—and hotter—their connection becomes. She’s thrilled when they finally locate his family, but reuniting with his people plunges them both into unimaginable danger. It’s a race against the clock trying to figure out who wants them dead and who they can trust, especially when the threat is closer than they ever imagined.

My review

Having read the last books of this series (Guardian of Darkness #7, Sentinel of Darkness #8, Darkness Rising #9), but not the first, I was very happy to see Taste of Darkness on Netgalley. So I could read about why the Wolf Shifters of Stavros and the dragons where in an alliance. It was because of Victoria, the lonely wolf shifter, who was adopted by Stavros and his pack and the recently escaped from hell dragon Drake who lived among them.
After an eternity in Hell, Drake has lost his memories. Since a boy of twelve years old, he has been surviving in the pits of Hell. And now, fifteen hundred years later, the world looks totally different than he can remember. Fortunately, the Stavros pack gave him refuge. And the funny and quirky Victoria is especially helpful to show him the normal things in life, like a can with wheels, which supposedly brings you save from a to b.
Victoria knows what it feels like to be without family, Because she was a cast-out once and has been surviving on her own, until Stavros took her in. But after years and years, the pack still treats her like a young cub. But with Drake, things are different. He really listens to her and accepts and appreciates her help.
But when Victoria gets targeted several times, Stavros and Drake must try to find out how is after her and why. Is it from her old life? Or maybe someone doesn’t want Drake back from Hell? Find out for yourself in this wonderful read! Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: KR Press, LLC

Published: July 2014

ISBN: 9780996087421

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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