The Girl Who Loved Ghosts – KC Tansley

She’d do anything to save her friends and family. But will that mean sacrificing the ghosts she’s grown to love?

This is the third installment in K.C. Tansley’s bestselling and award-winning The Unbelievables series. It begins with Kat Preston struggling to balance her senior year at McTernan Academy with the responsibilities that come with her family’s legacy. She’s writing term papers, studying for exams, and trying to maintain a social life… All while an ancient evil is stalking her and everyone she cares about. It feels like too much for one teenager to manage—especially after Kat’s ghostly mentor abandons her. Only Evan Kingsley understands what life is like for Kat. On their last trip into the past, he and Kat were able to retrieve the Kingsley dagger, one of the magical amulets he and Kat will need to defeat the entity that seeks to destroy the four families. Now, Evan spends his weekdays attending college classes and his weekends at Dumbarton, Kat’s family estateand the only place where they can safely learn to use their powers. Kat and Evan try to protect their best friends, Morgan and Seth, from the dangers that surround them. But that decision becomes complicated when Morgan andSeth sneak into Dumbarton. And all attempts at normal life are overwhen Kat barely survives a spectral attack on the McTernan campus. Suddenly, it’s obvious that, until they defeat the Dark One, noone involved in their quest will be safe. Kat and Evan will make new discoveries about themselves, their friends, and their feelings for each other as theysearch for Evan’s ancestral home and journey into the past yet againto findthe final amulet they need to unite the four families and save them all. And both Kat and Evanwill learn that it’s difficult to separate their feelings from their fates. In The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts, Kat discovered her destiny. In TheGirl Who Saved Ghosts, she learned how to fulfill her destiny. In The Girl Who Loved Ghosts, Kat reckons with how her actions in the past have changed thelives and afterlives of the four families.She has a relationship with the dead. Is she willing to sacrifice them to protect the living?As she as done in the first two booksin this series, Tansley weaves fantasy, mystery, andromance into a uniquely engaging work for young adults and other readers who enjoy supernatural tales grounded in real human relationships. The Girl Who Loved Ghostsis a satisfying third act for fans of The Unbelievables and an enticing prelude to the next volume in this captivating series.

My review

Finally, after waiting to long years, we get to read on about Kat’s journeys to the past. Because after The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts and The Girl Who Saved Ghosts, this time the journey of Kat and Evan is to the past to retrieve the Mallory amulet, which has been lost over two hundred years ago. However, Kat feels abandoned lately. Her ghost aunt Toria has gone awol, because she the need to take some time off (in the afterlife…), her father is always away chasing dark creatures (especially the Dark One), her best friend Morgan doesn’t want to speak to her any more and Evan is busy with his new, gorgeous roommate.

It took me some time to get back into the story, since it has been over two years that I’ve read the first two parts. But fortunately KC Tansley helps to joggle our memories by having Kat remember all her adventures.

Kat has grown into a young woman, with very confusing feelings about Evan. But the Langley heir and the Kingsley heir can’t ever fall in love, because it will end up in disaster. Like Phoebe and Gideon, who ran away together, but where Phoebe ended up losing her mind while trying to heal Gideon on their disastrous elopement.

Furthermore, her best friend Morgan is furious with her, for not telling her everything which has gone down at Dumbarton and in the past. She refuses to speak with her and Kat feels abandoned and lonely.

So, Kat decides to go to the past to help Phoebe and Gideon and to find the Mallory amulet. Even when this means going alone and risking her life. But her friends will not leave her to go alone. So, they leave for the past to retrieve the ancient artifact so they can summon the Mallory heir. Of course, their journey is full of twists and turns. And while in the bodies of Phoebe and Gideon, Kat and Evan also learn about each others feelings and the curse that is upon the heirs not to fall in love. Who is the Mallory heir and how will their journey continue? Find out for yourself in this epic read! Looking forward to the next two stories in the series. Hopefully we don’t have to wait another two years… Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to KC Tansley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Beckett Publishing Group
Published: September 2019
ISBN: 9781943024063
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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