Her Rough Ride – Heather van Fleet


My name was Sebastian. But now they call me Slade. I’ve reinvented myself, become a man, been sworn into the Red Dragon MC. I’ve got tattooed and ripped to hell, I’ve cut my hair and my face now bears the scars of all the fights I’ve seen. The last thing I need is to face her again…

It’s been eight years since Maya ran away from the club. Sweet, beautiful Maya. My first love. Why do I have to ride halfway across the country to pick her up? Because the club is at war, she’s the niece of our President and I’m the only brother who can be trusted to protect her.

She broke my heart, but I still want her. Do I ever. This woman is my goddess. She’s also my curse.

I need to focus on getting her home. But as soon as our eyes lock, she’s looking at me all kinds of ways. Like I’m the sexiest, most perfect stranger she’s ever seen. And then I realise, I look completely different to the boy she once knew and she doesn’t even recognise me. I could tell her who I am. Or I could have a little fun with her first…

My review

Having my parties still damp from Her Wild Ride, I was very happy to receive the arc of Her Rough Ride Cagain (with a sizzler alert). This time we get to see glimpses of the past of Maya. Remember? The girl Hawke was
going to in the first part, before he got distracted by Summer.
Naya left the MC for several reasons, eight years ago. Her only regret was leaving Sebastian behind. The wonderful 17-year old boy who could tell great stories of heroes and myths.
But now, the MC is at her doorstep again in the form of a hotter than hell tattooed bad boy. He is in California to pick her up because of ‘club business she isn’t allowed to know of. As daughter of the rival biker gang president, Maya has been on the run for several years.
So when Slade commands her to come, she realizes she has no choice but to follow the biker bad ass Slade, who kinda looks familiar. When Maya left the MC eight years ago, she broke Sebastian’s heart. Ever since, he has been Slade, Bad ass biker with no heart. or so he lets himself believe. So when Flick, the MC pres and Maya’s uncle commands him to go get his niece, he really doesn’t want to. But since pres orders can’t be denied, he flies out to California to get the girl he now hates more than anything.
Apparently Sebastian didn’t get the memo, because from the moment he sees Maya, he still recognizes his feelings for her. But Maya doesn’t recognize him. Can he have his wicked way with her as Slade and leave her after that? And how will the rivaling gangs react on the return of Maya?
Suspense, humor, and a lot of sparks flying . Hold on to your panties and enjoy the rice. Four out of the stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Bookouture
Published: September 2019
ISBN: 9781786819444
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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