Make Me Lose – Ember Leigh

Grayson Daly and I aren’t just rivals. We’re enemies. Born minutes apart on the same day in the same hospital, our parents thought this meant we were somehow destined to be together. We knew were we just destined to beat each other. Competition boiled over until junior year, when the cold war turned into an unexpected peace offering. Maybe my hormones allowed me to notice his broad shoulders, stormy gray-blue eyes, and soccer star’s chiseled frame. But after I fell for him…he stomped all over my heart. Ten years later, I’m at the top of the realty game in Bayshore and Grayson is just a distant memory. Until he shows up from NYC, his ego bigger than a skyscraper, and asks me to sell the house he recently inherited. It’s easy to say no. Even though I want to climb him like the jungle gyms we used to dangle from in strong arm battles. But I forgot that Gray doesn’t take no for an answer. And that he isn’t content unless he’s defeating me. He butts into my evenings on the boat. Ropes me into water skiing battles. Even shows up at the bar and creates a scene when I’m scouting a date to the upcoming Bicentennial Ball. It’s almost like he’s gunning to win me. But if he wins, that means I lose. And I’m not ready to cede victory just yet. MAKE ME LOSE is a steamy, laugh-out-loud small-town romance! Start getting to know the Daly brothers today and one-click the first book of this rom-com series!

My review

Did you get a good look at the cover? It certainly drew my eye. And since the blurb made me snicker, I decided I really wanted to read this one. And it was certainly a treat, although sometimes a bit over the top. Hazel and Grayson were born on the same day in Bayshore. As small town locals, they were destined to be together. But Hazel and Grayson planned to defy all odds: by getting competitive. All through high school they riled each other up to do crazy dares, up until Gray stood up Hazel for their prom. Ever since Hazel and Grayson have been each others nemesis. And while Grayson became a hotshot financial investor in New York, Hazel became the town sweetheart by setting up her own local realtor company in her hometown. So now Grayson is back because he has inherited his grandmother’s house and he needs to sell it. But when he asks Hazel to sell his house she turns him down flat.
So Grayson resorts to the only thing to persuade Hazel into selling his house by tricking her into a contest. Hazel can’t believe the biggest jerk is back in town. And that he tricked her into selling his grandmother’s house. As if nothing has changed ,they start having contests all over again. But with their current chemistry, maybe losing isn’t so bad after all…. But although the sparks are flying, Grayson still wants to go back to New York after the sale. And Hazel doesn’t want to leave their hometown. So at a cross roads, which path will both of them take? And will they turn it into a contest? Find out for yourself in this sparkly , funny and competitive story. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Backlit PR

Published: July 2019

ISBN: 9781080868193

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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