Unearthed – Cecy Robson

Fae was once a flourishing paradise. Until Death turned greedy and destroyed it, targeting the creatures who inhabited it. Those who survived escaped to Earth’s realm, but Death wasn’t far behind . . .

Olivia Finn is just another pixie trying to blend in among humans and hide from the death hounds who devoured her family. Clinging to the talisman that keeps her veiled from those who hunt her, she believes she is safe. . ..

Until Death finds her and discovers she’s immune to its grip. Now that Olivia’s power is unearthed, she is sought by Fae who see her as their savior and stalked by dark entities compelled to destroy her. Can she trust the King of the Dead who has sworn to train and protect her? Or should she obey her instincts that warn he desires more? Olivia can no longer hide from Death. To survive, she must seek it.

My review

Since the blurb and the cover got me curious, I requested the arc for Unearthed. What can I say: this was definitely not what I expected. since the Pixie on the cover was pink and with rainbow hair I thought it would be a cozy read. But no, you dive in nose first when the story starts with Hell Hounds, who rip magical beings apart before they eat them. Oh-kay… I didn’t see that one coming, but the story is easy to read, with a lot of tension and even very funny parts. Olivia is the cute pixie from the cover, who has lost her family to the Hell Hounds of Death. Only a talisman keeps her safe from the Hounds. like all other magical creatures, she hides in plain sight on earth, working as a PA/administrator at a law firm. When on a night out gremlins appear and take of the talismans, Olivia gets rescued by a strange warrior, who turns out to be her biggest jack ass coworker: Ryker.
Ryker, turns out, is the Ankou: King of the Death and the one to help souls cross over after death. But the biggest shock is when Olivia turns out to be Life: the only one able to defeat the Alfa of the Hell Hounds of Death. So now, the fate of the magical race is on her shoulders, with only the grimm Ryker as her allie. No biggie. Together, Ryker and Olivia prepare for her big face-off with death. But can you ever be ready for that? Suspense, fun, loyalty and heartbreak. A wonderful mix. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Cecy Robson

Published: September 2019

ISBN: 9781947330290

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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