A Cowboy Like You – Donna Grant

In the Heart of Texas, a heartthrob cowboy may get his second chance at love…

Danny Oldman, the handsome Lone Star sheriff, is still single. He tells himself, and anyone who asks, that he is married to his job—and what matters most is keeping the people of his beloved Texas hometown safe. The truth? Danny still hasn’t gotten over his high school crush. She moved away after graduation and took Danny’s heart with her.

Skylar Long never thought she would have to flee Houston and return home—where it all began for her. But that’s what happened after the man of her dreams turned out to be an actual nightmare. Now, Skylar is desperate to escape her obsessive boyfriend. Nothing shocks her more than seeing Danny again and realizing that their long-ago attraction is more powerful than ever. But can she and Danny find a way to fight against Skylar’s wealthy, powerful ex who is dead set on tearing them apart?

My review

After my first Cowboy book from Donna Grant (My Favorite Cowboy) I was very happy to see a new book in the Heart of Texas Series. This one is about Danny, the sheriff of the other books. He has been a loner for quite some time and Caleb and Brice keep hinting that it would be good for him to have a girlfriend. But Danny got his heart broken once, so he isn’t about to start a new relationship.
When he breaks up a domestic violence act, he is shocked that the woman in this case is Skylar, the girl who broke his heart in high school. Skylar was on the run from her abusive ex-boyfriend. After having lived away for years, so now is back and Danny offers to hide her at Easton Ranch at the Harper family. Because Matt, Skylar’s ex is a vindictive and very rich and influential politician.
A fast paced action, with a lot of suspense, sparks flying and of course the Donna Grant happily ever after. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc. And I’ll be keeping my eye on next books in this series to come.

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Published: November 2019

ISBN: 9781250250049

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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