Accidental Secrets – Dana Mason

She’s been hiding something from him. Until now…


He was my childhood sweetheart. Then it all went wrong and my mom tore us apart. Ever since then I’ve kept my secret. I haven’t had a choice. Fourteen years later, just thinking about him makes my stomach flip. I still remember his citrus smell, the way he used to gently hold my hand. And then… It turns out he’s living in the same damn town. But he’s not the Mike I remember. He’s dark and dangerous, covered in ink. He’s completely and utterly mouth-watering. His whiskey-colored eyes blaze as he catches sight of me. And it’s just a matter of time before he finds out the truth… The question is, will he forgive me?


She was my ride or die. And she left without even saying goodbye. Left me with nothing but a broken heart. Since then, I’ve struggled to get close to anyone. It’s pathetic – who else clings to their high-school love? And then, all these years later, I see her. But Rachel’s not how I remember. Her wavy, raven hair frames her sexy sea-blue eyes. Her perfect hourglass figure has curves in all the right places. She’s pin-up girl hot. And I refuse to let her get away this time. Next thing, we’re in suite 108. I’m unbuttoning her blouse, tasting every inch of her. She’s screaming in pleasure. She’s begging for more. Everything’s perfect. Except for one thing… She’s hiding one hell of a secret. And when I find out what it is, do I have it in me to forgive her?Or will I be the one walking away without a goodbye this time?

My review

After reading Accidental Lies, I was very happy to see yet another book in the Accidental Love series. The books can be easily read as a standalone, but it is nice to see the characters of the earlier books in this one. We meet Mike, who is moving back to Sacramento to open up a new center in his fitness chain. When he is back in Sacramento, his former sister in law, Kelley asks him to help her with the planning of her wedding. Since being widowed to Mike’s brother, she has been best friends with Mike.
Mike wants Kelley to be happy. Afther his brother’s death, the family has been torn apart. Mike’s parents blamed Kelley for her husband’s death. Mike chose Kelley’s side, leaving a gap between him and his parents. Having been able to relate to Kelley’s heartbreak, he is very happy to see her moving on with Mac. What he didn’t count on was Rachel being the hotel manager, where Kelley is supposed to be getting married. Because Rachel was the one that got away: his high school sweetheart who disappeared without a trace years ago. And now she is working here, beautiful as always.
Rachel was forced to leave the love of her life. She was threatened by her mother to pack up her stuff and go. And now, almost fourteen years later, she looks into the eyes of the one man she has never been able to forget. Can she share his secret with him after all those years? And if she does, will he hate her forever? Found out for yourself in this heartbreaking, moving and wonderful read of Dana Mason. Five out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Bookouture

Published: December 2019

ISBN: 9781786818584

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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