Gothic Love Stories – Erica Ridley


When an impoverished bluestocking finds herself at the mercy of an irresistible scoundrel, his touch holds her captive to his every dark desire…


When a disgraced socialite is exiled to an isolated manor atop a pirate-infested cove, the only person who can help her escape is the one man who cannot be trusted with her heart…


A rakish lord has the chance to win forgiveness from a lost love… if he can spirit her away from a haunted castle.


A secretive governess seeks shelter in the towering home of a mysterious recluse who may be even more dangerous than the man she fled.

My review

Having read a lot of Erica Ridley’s Lords and Dukes, I was very happy to receive the Gothic Love Stories Arc, with 4(!) e-books in one. Yay!
Too Wicked to Kiss is the first one, about Evangeline Pemberton who is on the run from her evil stepfather, only to wound up at the haunted castle of the excentric Gavin Lioncroft, rumored to be a murderer. When a murder occurs at the castle, will Evangeline be safe? A wonderful who-dunnit-story with a lot of twists and turns. Four out of five stars from me.
Too sinful to Deny is the second part, which continues with lady Susan Stanton, who we have met at the first part. Because Susan didn’t was a very friendly character in the first part I had a lot of issues with connecting to Susan and feel sympathy for her exile. However, Evan Bothwick does an excellent job of creating the correct scenario for you to pick up feelings for Susan as well. Three out of five stars from me.
After two long stories, Too Tempting to Resist is a lot shorter and more fastpaced. We meet Rebecca who needs to find a husband within months to ensure a roof above her head. And although she still has a bruised heart, who can help her better to find a suitor, then with the help of her former friend (and crusher of heart) Daniel, the current Lord of Stonebury? But when they meet, sparks still fly. How to find a husband, when Daniel keeps distracting her? A cute and cozy read: four out of five stars from me.
The last story Too Wanton to Wed just stole my breath. This story is heart wrenching, wonderful and shocking. Alistair Waldegrave is desperately looking for a cure for his nine-year-old daughter Lillian, who is suffering from a rare disease, where she burns from the rays of the sun. Seeing no solution but to keep his daughter locked down in the abbey, to keep her from the sun, he has estranged himself from her. So, when a mysterious woman lands on his doorstep, who happens to be a governess, Alistair takes a leap of faith and hires her on the spot. Violet can’t believe her luck: while being on the run from a crime to save an innocent orphan girl, she stumbles upon a very strange and desolate abbey. The owner hires her as a governess for his daughter. Violet and Lillian form an unlikely bond, from the recognizable situation they both are in. As an orphan herself, Violet knows how it feels to long for some companionship and love. Not only from the little girl under her charge, but also from her loving father. But Alistair doesn’t think he deserves happiness. But while the bonds within the abbey are slowly growing, so is the danger from outside: both Violet’s past and the gossiping of the village are threatening to destroy everything which has been build inside the abbey. Can those broken souls find happiness again? Find out for yourself, don’t forget your tissues. Wonderful read! Five out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

Publisher: Webmotion

Published: August 2019

ISBN: 9781943794485

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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