Thanks Fur Last Night – Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden, Kate Baxter

Thalgor’s Witch – Nancy Hollander

Heart of the Wolf – Terry Spear

Stumbling Into Love – Aurora Rose Reynolds

Colorless – Rita Stradling

Drakon’s Past – N.J. Walters


Saving the Sheriff – Kadie Scott

Something to Howl About – Christine Warren

Every Dog Has His Day Jenn McKinlay

Bring the Heat – GA Aiken

The Billionaire’s Forever Family – Cate Cameron

Cowboy Up – Harper Sloan

Zandian Pet – Renee Rose

Wolf Hunger – Paige Tyler

Any Way You Slice It – Kristine Carlson Asselin

The Wicked Vampire – Kate Baxter

Kiss My Boots – Harper Sloan

Betting on Cinderella – Petie McCarty

Formula for danger – Desiree Holt

Alpha’s Prize – Renee Rose & Lee Savino

The right Kind of Reckless – Heather Van Fleet

Hard Breaker – Christine Warren

Saving Mr. Perfect

The Best Man’s Bride – Anne McAllister

The Bridesmaid’s Royal Bodyguard – Liz Fielding

The Prince’s Bride – Sophie Weston

City of Lies – Victoria Thompson
Bloom – Leslie North
Grigori – Lauren Smith
Drop Dead Gorgeous – Juliet Lyons
The Girl Who Saved Ghosts – KC Tansley
The Cauldron Stirred – Judith Sterling
Immortally Yours – Lynsay Sands
Feel the Heat – Desiree Holt
Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas
Running Into Love – Aurora Rose Reynolds
Thorn – Leslie North
Break of Day – Andie J. Christopher
Atlantis: The King’s Return
Third Son’s a Charm – Shana Galen
On the Chase – Katie Ruggle
So I Married a Sorcerer – Kerrelyn Sparks
Her Mate and Master – Renee Rose
The Billionaire in her Bed – Regina Kyle
An Uncertain Grace – Krissy Kneen
Freeze Frame – Desiree Holt
The Final Score – Jaci Burton
Her Dark Half – Paige Tyler
How to Change a Life – Stacey Ballis
Alpha’s Temptation – Renee Rose
Rose – Leslie North
Lord of Night – Erica Ridley
Scent of Danger – Desiree Holt
Extrasensory – Desiree Holt
The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts – KC Tansley
An Earl for the Archeress – E. Elizabeth Watson
The Sheikh’s Surprise Triplets – Leslie North
Sapphire – JA Low
Blackmail – Anna James Watson
Dream Snatcher – Clara Coulson
The Post-it Note Affair – Justine Avery
Fallen Flame – JM Miller
SEAL Wolf Undercover – Terry Spear
Trust – Kylie Scott
Never Dare a Dragon – Ashlyn Chase
The Red – Tiffany Reisz
Roar – Cora Carmack
The Sheikh’s Fake Fiancée – Leslie North
The Royal Treatment – MJ Summers
Maybe This Summer – Jennifer Snow
My Sugar Daddy – Trinity Blacio
Wired – Julie Garwood
Full Count – Lynn Stevens
His Human Vessel – Renee Rose
Devoted – J. C. Harroway
Stirring up the Sheriff – Leslie North
Kindred Spirits – Jean Marie Bauhaus
Summer at the Little Wedding Shop – Jane Linfoot
Boardwalk Summer – Kimberley Fisk
His Human Rebel – Renee Rose
Healing the Quarterback – Leslie North
The Wrong Kind of Compatible – Kadie Scott
Ensnared – Rita Stradling
The Lesson Plan – Charlotte Penn Clark
The Nanny Arrangement – Rachel Harris
A Beast’s Belle – J. Gambardella
Her Stepbrother, The Wolf
Blaze – Donna Grant
Wolf Hunt – Paige Tyler
Her Alien Masters – Renee Rose
Lord of Pleasure – Erica Ridley
About a Dog – Jenn McKinlay
Charmed by Charlie
Soul of the Wolf
The Wedding Charm
Flame in the Mist
Dating the Undead
Meet me at Beachcomber Bay
The thing about love
Given to the Sea
Lost Rider
The Fourteen Day Soul Detox
Knights of the Borrowed Dark 
Immortal Unchained
Between a Wolf and a Hard Place
How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days
Her True Match
Making Bad Choices
Reckless hearts
Lethal Game
The Other Einstein


Long way home
Bullet Riddled
Wolf Unleashed
A Sacred Vow
First light 
Thunder Moon
Her Rogue Alpha 
Viking Warrior Rebel 
Thieving Weasels 
A Very Jaguar Christmas
Just Kiss Me
Outlaw Justice
Forged in Smoke 
The Invisible Library 
The Goddess’s Curse
Descended from Dragons
To love a Wolf   
Hero Forgotten
Shanahan’s Revenge
Savage Urges
Only Beloved
When I’m Gone 
The girl from Summer Hill
Luckiest girl alive
All better now
The promiss of forgiveness
The Forbidden Wish
Find Her  
New Leaf


Secret Sisters
A Curious beginning